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As with people animals need to be emotionally content to be physically balanced.  Creatures we choose to take care of and love are not always in their natural environment, which can produce emotional and/or physical problems if this is not recognised.


Animals communicate using energy and so it is very natural for them to receive energy healing.  Sessions are given in the animal's familiar environment and can be given "hands on" or from a distance.

Reiki is becoming increasingly recognised by vets as they understand emotions play a key role in the body's natural ability to heal.

Science has shown that energy healing speeds up the repair of cells and releases endorphins in the body, which has the effect similar to morphine and so plays an important role in pain relief.

Benefits of Reiki

  • emotional and physical trauma
  • arthritis
  • muscular/joint problems
  • anxiety/stress
  • supports the immune system
  • helps with epilepsy and grief
  • reduces the side effects of medication

Reiki is not a replacement or substitute for professional veterinary advice.