• Session Time: 60 - 90 mins(approx)
  • Price: £40

Reiki may be felt as a flow of energy, mild tingling or warmth. Some people see colours and experience a deep sense of peace. It can also assist in changing your perspective on life.

Energy Is Everywhere

Reiki has an extremely calming effect, offering deep relaxation and gives the recipient a sense of inner peace and wellbeing. 

There is great benefit to experiencing reiki on a regular basis to allow it to work at a deeper level, assisting with life´s ongoing challenges.

Reiki is extremely beneficial for stress which is recognised as a major contributer to so many illnesses. Also :

  • emotional/physical/psychological trauma
  • acute / chronic problems
  • grief
  • reducing pain and side effects of drug therapy - particularly those linked with cancer treatments and other debilitating dis-eases
  • compliment to post operative treatment

In good health Reiki increases the body's inbuilt immune system - assisting the body to naturally help itself.

Reiki is not a replacement or substitute for professional medical advice. It works alongside medical treatment.